SEO Spyglass Review

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SEO Spyglass Review – Ultimate Competitive Link Building Solution

SEO Spyglass Review

SEO Spyglass is one of the 4 tools Link-Assistant sells (individually) and as a part of their SEO Power Suite. You can read my SEO Spyglass Review on this post to have an overview of this amazing software.

I did a review of their Rank Tracker application a few days ago and we plan to review their other 2 tools in upcoming blog posts.

SEO SpyGlass – Ultimate Competitive Link Building Solution

Links are lifeblood of the Web. Every quality link your site acquires (be that a link from a quality Web-directory, relevant website or blog) builds its strength in terms of search engine rankings and makes it visible to a wider audience of visitors.

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The question is: “how to get links that will yield the greatest SEO results for your site?” The answer is “analyze your competition!” Monitor your competitors to look at where they are getting their links from. Once you get a better understanding of top-ranking sites’ link strategies, you can emulate their most effective techniques and channel your link building campaign into the right direction.

SEO SpyGlass is a powerful competition research and link checking tool. This 5-star tool can be used to manage your own website’s backlinks or to discover the juiciest links your competitors have capitalized on.


Competition research

The software finds tons of links pointing to a website, retrieving the data from over 160 international and local search engines AND its exclusive multi-million in-house backlink database. Each found link is accompanied with various SEO metrics. E.g.:

  • Backlink Pages: the exact URLs of the pages linking to your competitor
  • Link Anchor Text: lets you see the keywords your competitor is targeting
  • Google Page PR; Google Domain PR: shows how valuable the links are in terms of Google PR
  • Link Value: determines the value that each backlink may potentially bring to a website
  • Alexa Rank: lets you see which links are sending your competitor more traffic
  • Backlink IP: lets you see all links coming from the same domains, or analyzes what countries most backlinks are coming from

Also, SEO SpyGlass lets you:

  • Discover your competitors’ links that come from social media sites(Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Diigo etc.), see the exact value of those backlinks and how much each link contributes to the site’s PageRank
  • See which directories your competition is listed in (DMOZ, Yahoo!)
  • Know the age of every backlink domain, to analyze how reputable it is for search engines

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Moreover, SEO SpyGlass lets you compare links of up to 5 websites within one convenient working area, thus letting you check your competitors’ backlink profiles at a glance.

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Link Verification and Traffic monitoring

SEO SpyGlass lets you monitor and verify all your existing backlinks to keep track of how your link-building campaign is progressing.

Also the application lets you instantly fetch ‘Visits’ stats from Google Analytics, so you can view the exact number of visitors a specific backlink brings. With this feature, you get the full pattern of the backlinks that work best for your biz niche in terms of traffic.

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Reporting facilities and data export

SEO SpyGlass generates various kinds of backlink reports on each stage of your link building campaign. All data in the reports is conveniently arranged and easy to understand. On top of that, all the reports are highly customizable (you can add/remove sections, change reports’ color schemes, language etc). Also, you can export the data in various supported formats (.csv,. xml, .sql, .txt).

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The software is equipped with advanced set of search safety features and is absolutely safe to use.

Windows, Mac and Linux compatible

Bottom-line: SEO Spyglass is a top-notch backlink checker that will definitely elevate and empower your link building campaign, and as a result, make your site rankings boost.

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